At WordCandy we create blog content, web copy, user documentation, and more – exclusively for WordPress businesses.


We provide a complete content solution for WordPress businesses. If you need to utilize the written word on your website or blog, via email broadcasts and autoresponders, or even within your theme or plugin interface, we can deliver.

Blog Content

Publishing authoritative, informative, entertaining, and valuable blog content on a consistent basis will attract new customers, retain existing ones, and enable you to build a fanatical fanbase.

Email Content

Email marketing is as effective today as it has ever been, and provides huge opportunities for engaging with both prospective and existing customers.

Guest Posts

Having high-quality content published on third party sites like Torque and WP Mayor, with links back to your blog and/or product(s), will boost SEO and provide a stream of potential customers.

Web Copy

The quality of your site’s copy greatly influences the success of your business, and can have an enormous impact on converting would-be customers into lifelong advocates of your products.

User Documentation

High-quality user documentation reduces user frustration and alleviates the burden on your support staff, which in return reduces ongoing costs.

User Interface Text

Well-written, concise, and unambiguous interface text will ensure a smooth user experience for your customers and add a professional sheen to your products.

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