We will soon be adding another full-time blogger and editor to our growing team based around the world. Keep reading for more information!


Do you have a passion for the written word and professional writing experience?

Are you highly computer literate, and already familiar with the WordPress content management system?

If you’re nodding your head in agreement with the above questions, you could be our perfect candidate. As a full-time WordPress blogger and editor for WordCandy, working as part of our team from wherever it is you live in the world, you will be responsible for:

  • Keeping up to speed with the latest developments in the self-hosted WordPress community.
  • Experimenting with new WordPress features, themes, and plugins, as well as related products and services.
  • Creating unique and engaging WordPress-related topic ideas.
  • Crafting superb quality WordPress-related blog posts for some of the biggest WordPress blogs on the web, such as Elegant Themes and WPExplorer.
  • Editing blog posts produced by other writers.
  • The smooth administrative operation of client accounts.

We will expect the following from you:

  • Solid writing skills. You have a few years’ professional writing experience under your belt (ideally including blogging), and are passionate about writing for a living.
  • Computer literacy. You’ve been using computers for as long as you can remember, and find it easy to pick up new things. You might not know WordPress in-depth (yet), but you’re confident that you’ll pick it up quickly.
  • Attention to detail. You consider yourself a perfectionist, and having the time available to create high-quality work is important to you.
  • Passion for learning. You love the idea of diving into a role where you’ll learn new things every day, and value constructive criticism as a means of boosting your skills and experience.
  • A love for remote working. You value the flexibility and autonomy of a remote working arrangement and ideally have experience working under your own impetus.

WordCandy is a fast-growing business formed in 2011 when its founder, Tom Ewer, started writing blog posts for WordPress-related publications on the web. It has since grown (so far) to a team of three full-time team members and many part-time contractors producing over 100,000 words per month for various WordPress-related clients. The next step in the evolution of the business is to create an entirely ‘in-house’ team of bloggers and editors. You would be the fourth full-time member of that team.

This is a full-time remote contractor role (7.5 hours per day) with a great deal of potential for growth. The starting rate is negotiable based upon your existing skills and experience; we are willing to offer competitive compensation for the right candidate. Further details will be provided on application.

Perks include flexible working hours, a strict no overwork policy (i.e. you are not expected to work any more than your contracted hours), and an approach to work that values employee happiness over squeezing every last penny of profit out of the business.

Please note that while we are not currently hiring, we are already considering applications for our next round of recruitment. If you are interested in the role, please submit your application below.


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